School Show

Bookings Open


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School Show

Bookings Open


“Hoza" is an African word that we take to mean STOP, START or CHANGE. Our mission is to help put a STOP to negative thinking and behaviors, and facilitate CHANGE that is needed to START living in a more socially just world. We do this performance by performance…


HOZA! Creative Mediation is an awarding winning performing-arts company that performs at corporate and community events, and in schools to over 35000 students each year...


We are a highly skilled team of performers and educators passionate about social justice. HOZA! was founded in 2007 and is considered a leader in school visits.

Begins January 23rd!

A joyous celebration and a deeply touching tribute to the life of Nelson Mandela. The show encourages learners to build on Mandela's legacy of truth and reconciliation, peace and justice. Bookings Are Open.