Djembe Drumming Workshop

Sound the Drums

2018 Bookings NOW Open!

A truly magical group experience.

Each participant will explore the ancient traditions of  West African sound and rhythm.

“Few experiences offer the acute sense of equality and unity, energy and release that students encounter in this program.”

Student’s explore the virtues of respect, equality and community while practicing the fundamental concepts in music for their grade.

Skills: hand-drumming technique, exploring, creating and performing, collaborative work, listening, reflecting and responding, analysing and communicating.

Approach: Our instruction follows a hearts-on, hands-on, minds-on approach to teaching and learning The Ontario Curriculum within a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

Testimonials:  A workshop with very practical activities for community building and expressing feelings. Thanks again for your energy, time and encouragement.” Audrey Ferrer, Teacher, Madonna Catholic Secondary School


Drum Master of Burkina Faso –  Amadou Kienou

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Primary  | Junior  | Int. Snr.

    Class Size: Max. 40
    Length: 60min

Venue: School Gymnasium

Available: January 20th – March 30th, 2018

Are you interested in a packaged deal?

Read about our 2018 Show:

Sound the Drums – Stories of Truth

Drumming Workshop Package Package
1/2 Day 2 Workshops: $350 1 Show + 2 Workshops: $925 2 Shows + 2 Workshops: $1385
Full Day 4 Workshops: $630 1 Show + 4 Workshops: $1205 2 Shows + 4 Workshops: $1665
Additional Days 10% discount applied to additional days. - -

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