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Welcome to the HOZA!’s Resource Room!

These resources will help you prepare for our visit and enrich the learning experience at your school.

Curriculum Resources for Mandela: Gifts From a Leader

These are Your Rights and Responsibilities

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013 Resource and Literary Activities

HOZA! African Djembe Drumming Resource and Worksheet

HOZA! Gumboot Dance Resource and Worksheet

Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans:

Nelson Mandela | Oxfam Education

Nelson Mandela – news and teaching resources round up | The Guardian

ProfessionalTeacher Network

BBC – Primary History – Famous People – Nelson Mandela

Lessons From Nelson Mandela’s Life and Legacy | Edutopia

Lesson Plans on Mandela | NYC Dept. of Education

Recommended websites:

Mandela Foundation The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory

The Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund


    1. Visit your nearest Toronto Public Library or follow this link for books about Nelson Mandela:
  1. image A Book for Children
  2. <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> A Comic Series for Children


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Wondering how to introduce our performance?  

We love introducing ourselves, but if you would like to do a short one yourself, feel free to use the following:

“It is a pleasure to welcome performers, Kevin Fell and Derek Thorne from HOZA! Creative Mediation to our school today. HOZA! ‘s mission is to inspire and motivate us to CHANGE our world for the better. The name of today’s show is, Mandela: Gifts From a Leader.  Please welcome HOZA!”

More Resources

HOZA! at Queen’s University  – Resources for Teacher Candidates

HOZA! Resources for TCDSB Music Teachers

HOZA! Resources for York University AQ Courses


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