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About HOZA! Creative Mediation


HOZA! Presentation featured in the Scarborough Mirror
Photo: Dan Pearce





Founder/Program Director – Kevin Fell

Senior Artistic Associate – Derek Thorne

Mission Statement

Hoza is an African word that we take to mean STOP, START or CHANGE!  At HOZA! we provide schools and companies with experiences that help participants to better love themselves, others, and our environment.

Our programs rely on Creative Mediation and introduce life-skills that can put a STOP to our negative thinking and behaviours, and help us to START living the CHANGEs that we envision for ourselves and our world…HOZA!


HOZA! was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2007 by South African born artist-educator, Kevin Fell.

“I founded HOZA! to provide a dynamic vehicle for social justice education; to motivate  people to make positive changes to their world.”  – Kevin Fell / Founder and Program Director of HOZA! Creative Mediation

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Derek Thorne and Kevin Fell in What a Wonderful World

Derek Thorne and Kevin Fell in What a Wonderful World

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