Sound The Drums: Stories of Truth – Learning Resources and References

We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed our research during the production phase. Here are some of the songs and articles that we reference  during the show.  They make for interesting (sometimes heart-breaking reading) and are great starting points for discussion and/or social studies and literacy activities. Let’s share the truth about what is really going one around us.

These 94 calls to action are a great place to start! Teachers more than half of the action items relate to education. Click to read and in 10minutes you will know how to help.

Want to start today? Get involved in Imagine a Canada.

More Truth and Reconciliation resources especially for teachers and educators. 

 Resources related to South Africa:

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika, South African national anthem, with lyrics:

2. Shosholoza Lyrics

3. South African Gumboot Dancers

Links between South Africa and Canada:

1.This article from the Globe and Mail shows the comparisons to be drawn between apartheid and Canada’s treatment of indigenous people.

2. Article from Radio Canada comparing the Truth and Reconciliation commissions in Canada and South Africa, including statements from Canadian Residential school survivors on their experiences:

3. This article by Yves Engler shows how Ottawa policies supported the apartheid government by first providing a model of the reserve system, and secondly by actively trading with South Africa and taking advantage of cheap African labour.

Action Opportunities:

1. This website provides a status report on all commitments found in the Prime Minister’s mandate letters to ministers. This site is intended to help Canadians hold the Government accountable.

2. Annual Orange Shirt Day: Sept 30th.  The movement wear orange on Sept 30 shows support by acknowledging the harm that Canada’s residential school system has left in generations of indigenous families and their communities.

3. Aboriginal Symbols which can be used when promoting Aboriginal initiatives.

4. Make it Safe:  Canada’s Obligation to End the First Nations Water Crisis

Further Reading on Indigenous issues:

1, Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples blog lists some of the restrictions and impacts imposed on First Nations by the Indian Act.

2. “21 Things you may not have known about the Indian Act” is a book by Bob Joseph and will be available in April 2018.  Follow this link for more information.

3. The social conditions of Indigenous peoples in Canada vary greatly according to place of residence, income level, family and cultural factors and classification (i.e., First Nations, Métis and Inuit). Areas of particular social concern include housing, employment, education, health, justice, and family and cultural growth.

4. First Nation talking stick symbolism.

5. Seven defining moments that shaped Canada in the last 150 years.

Scroll down for information about The Indian Act and Residential Schools

6. This website provides pictures and information about the Residential School system.


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